Mission and Values

We shall be the best provider of residential communities designed to create quality lifestyle responsive to the changing needs and preferences of the market we serve.


​In so doing, we are committed:
To ensure customer satisfaction,
To achieve a sustainable growth on our shareholders’ investment,
To maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners in the business,
To care for the environment we work in,
To promote the growth of our people,
While building an organization that espouses Integrity, Excellence and Interdependence.

The DMCI Creed

We believe:

That construction is a noble profession whose activities are vital to economic development and national progress,

That fair competition is essential to the growth and stability of the construction industry,

That a contractors primary responsibility to his client is to give his best in faithful compliance with their agreement;

That labor and capital should cooperate with one another so that labor may live with dignity and capital may find its just rewards;

That the ill-gotten violates business ethics and the ill-conceived wreaks havoc on the public good;

That the ultimate objectives are to serve not only man but humankind; and to build not only an enterprise but an institution that will serve society.

Our Core Values

All our actions are guided by what is ethical, fair, and right. Believing in profit with honor, we are committed to good governance and the highest moral standards.

We reject mediocrity and strive for excellence in even the smallest of details.

With unity in purpose and mutual trust and respect for each other, we work toward shared aspirations and transcend boundaries along functional and organizational lines.

Customer Orientation
Our goal is to delight and please our customers. Thus, all activities and programs we undertake result in innovative projects and in the enhancement of productivity and quality.

Brand Story

The Hero of the Under served : the DMCI Brand Story

Inspired by Alfonso

With a wife and a baby on the way, the cost of living in the city became prohibitive for alfonso. For beyond city boundaries, other builders began to develop sprawling neighborhoods of cookie-cutter on doily-sized lots. They’re pretty but too cramped (for a growing family) and too far out city center.

The middle-class man became a stressed out man-in-the-middle, faced with no choice but to take long daly commute or paybig city prices. There was no middle ground. “Pagod ka na papunta sa trabaho, pagod ka pa pag-uwi…” “Alfonso deserve better, “the Bilder remarked. “He deserves a real home, accessible to his work… a cocoon of good living.”

Brand Values





DMCI Homes residential communities are located in close proximity to major business and commercial centers of Makati, Ortigas, and the Bonifacio Global City, letting you enjoy modern living at its best. Strategically situated within the vicinity of malls, schools, hospitals, and government offices, DMCI Homes’ residential communities make living hassle-free and convenient. DMCI Homes residential communities are easily accessible by public transportation.



Lumiventt Design Technology

From Lumen meaning light and Ventus means wind, this pioneering design technology for high-rise structures allows ambient light and fresh air to permeate the building and all unit spaces within. Sky Patios, 3-storey high openings located at the front and back of every five-floor levels, and breezeways, vents at both sides of the building; allow cross-ventilation by employing basic principles of airflow. The introduction of single–loaded hallways and central garden atriums not only improve aesthetics but also give a wide open feel to the building interior, for true resort-inspired living.


The DMCI Homes Quality Seal

The DMCI Homes Quality Seal signifies that a property has passed DMCI Homes’s standard 102 Inspection Points from the start of construction, design until the property’s turnover. This is done to assure that all our projects are high quality.

Certification and Awards

Our Partners